fredag 19. august 2011

Rainbow Rosendal

Simply too good not to share. All photos by Trude Tveitnes.

Regnbuen over Rosendal, Malmangernuten.  

Rainbow over The Malmangertop in Rosendal.

Just had to share this amazing photos taken by Trude Tveitnes with here mobilecamera!

This weekend I have my two brothers visiting. 
We are just hanging out, drinking beer and making lots and lots of Thai food. 
 Family is bliss :)

Have a lovely weekend all lovelies out there :)

And a special happy birthday wish to Macarena with the lovely and allways inspiering blog Chic and Posh!

3 kommentarer:

  1. That rainbow is a gift for you in my birthday! Thanks so much for your regards and your always inspiring words! You have a huge, golden powerful soul my dear! And I looveee you!!!!! XOXOXO

  2. these images are beyond wonderful.happy to hear from you! biggest hugs

  3. Looks and sounds wonderful!
    I hope you're feeling good in your new surroundings.


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