Dette er Rosendal! Jeg vet faktisk ikke hva mer jeg skal si her jeg.... sommerbildene har jeg tatt selv, resten av bildene har jeg lånt fra Marian på Marihøno.
The local fisher, Tore. We love poping by his dock to by fish, crab or crayfish. Sometimes he would stop by our dock right outside our cabin.

The cabin.

Mount Malmangernuten.

Hiking at Skålafjell.

Exscuse me? Where can I by my Lattè?

Mount Melderskin.
(Oh! I love naming the mountains with Mount in front. It makes them all so Chic!)

Mount Malmangernuten... again :)

The Rosendal Alps seen form Sniltsveitøy.

The Hardangerfjord.

Sunset (with a bottle of whit wine and good company at the steps of the cabin).

My son in fading light.

My daughter, also in fading light :)
I never get tired of taking photos from this beautiful place.

The comming photos are all taken by Marian at Marihøno in different seasons.
Marian lives in Rosendal, she too never tires of taking photos of this wonderland place....

This barn has a conferencesenter, and in the little silo on the side you can spend the night!

 At Dusk.

Reciding sun.

This looks like early gray.

Vinter, just down the street from my enplacement.
Sheeps :)

Windy Mount Melderskin.

Windy Mount Malmanger.

Well! That should..... wait! Nope! That does not sums it up. I have to show you Rosendal Baroniet! Yes! We have our own Barony in Rosendal. Here is a little sneak peak:

I will show you the rest later!
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